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Latest News articles about Thistle Creek!

Posted 9/26/2013 4:14pm by George Lake.

This year has been a busy year for Thistle Creek Farms in the media world!  In May we had the opportunity of hosting Walt Frank from the Altoona Mirror newspaper at the farm so that he could learn more about how the farm operates and what makes us passionate about what we do.  Then at the end of July we had the pleasure of hosting Chef Sean Cavanaugh of John J. Jefferies restaurant along with NPR’s Marie Cusick.  Then Jesse Bussard who has been out to visit the farm on several occassions wrote up an article for Progressive Forage magazine about our winter feeding program for the cow herd.  To read the articles about these fun farm visits please click on the titles of the articles below!


Ex-pilot raises grass fed beef

By: Walt Frank


Chef knows the cows that go into ‘The Truth’

By: Marie Cusick


Standing corn excellent option for winter-grazing cows

By: Jesse Bussard