Farm slideshow

First of four moves to fresh grass for the day.Nice place to be after a long day in the fog A trip to sheep country, WalesOld Memories.48 Ford sedan in deep snow winter 2015.Bringing in the bullsSudden snow storm.Frontier farming. We were caught in a thunder snow. The cows didn't mind and I found it of the benefits of country livingOur favorite sheep pastureLooking for momEchoes of the past.July sorghum sudangrassSheep grazing near a small Welsh cathedral.Old water wagon at our mill.Interseeding new grass>Hydrangea, pretty even through snowBasking in spring sunlightWe are surrounded by mountainsAllegheny mountainsChris and Quinn baling hayEven the grandkids get involved with lambingsheep in the Yorkshire DalesWe start 'em early.The snow was about 10" deep when we started this grazing.lambing seasonThe Browns have always been a big part of our farm.Dustin and Chris in our old millearly morning fog on old silosan early morning cattle driveeven the fence posts have charmsome of the chickens that follow our cattleto some  these are weeds.  We consider  them biodiversityThe GrassLand award that we were given this year.Our lane at ChristmasThe main work crewthe mill at Thistle Creekfirst sheep drive of 2012The mill at Thistle CreekThree days oldMoving cattle is a daily experiencelate summer cattle drivebringing three to the gateMac even works chickens when neededcoming on down the roadCows grazing in the distanceCows eating turnips in the fallSunrise over the lakeGeorge working the cattle on LeoView of the barn and fieldsShowing off the summer bounty!