Grassfed lamb

We have added sheep to our cattle herds!


Sunlight smashes into the deep green pastures as it brings a new dawn, as well as a new beginning for our farm. Now instead of just the black forms of cattle grazing in the early light, there are many white spots scattered among them. From a distance, the sheep look like spilled rice against the black and green.

We have added sheep to our cattle herds. They graze alongside cattle in a multi-species environment that is beneficial to both species as well as to our sustainable style of farming. The sheep are non-discriminatory eaters that will eat some weeds that the cows don't want. The sheep are also safe from any predators, such as coyotes. We have had sheep for over a year now, and we have had no predator problems even though our animals graze over hundreds of acres. We use no dewormers or any other form of parasite control. We have had both the cattle and sheep tested, and we are parasite-free due to our rotational grazing system. We don't come back through an area that has been grazed for at least 30 days. Most pastures have a 30 to 180 day rest period between grazing. The life cycle of parasites, before being picked up by a host, is well under that time frame. So they are gone permanently without the use of chemical dewormers.

We chose Dorper sheep for their hardiness. Ours is a frontier way of farming, and they have fit in very well.