Grassfed Beef

We offer a variety of cuts depending on your needs (and freezer space!)

For those who do not have much freezer space, beef eighths are a nice way to get the grass beef you love at a great price! This size of an order is often called 'boxed beef.' Like our quarters and halves it includes all the cuts of beef that are normally found in the beef carcass.  


A beef half usually has 240-320 lbs. of hanging weight.


A beef quarter usually has 120-160 lbs. hanging weight.  


A beef eighth usually has 60-80 lbs of hanging weight.


Our hamburger is made form the entire animal - even the finest most tender cuts of steak are in the burger.



All of our beef is dry aged for 21 days. This is an expensive and time-consuming process and is consequently priced much higher at most locations. However, the aging process is vital to helping enhance the tenderness and flavor of the meat by allowing the natural enzymes to break down the muscle tissue. To learn more about the aging beef read the summary "Aging Beef" put out by the University of Minnesota.

We sell our beef based on 'hanging weight', which is simply the term used to describe the weight of a side of beef that is hanging in the meat cooler. The take-home meat weight is typically around 25% less than the hanging weight depending on how the carcass is cut. To learn more read  "Amount of Freezer Beef Expected from a Carcass?" 


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